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Peterson Birds of North America

Peterson Birds is a powerful app that draws from eight Peterson Field Guide titles and is based on thousands of hours of observation in the field by more than ten expert authors and illustrators. Compare multiple birds on the same screen. Bird Finder creates lists for counties, provinces, and hotspots in North America.
Why Choose Peterson Birds?
Bird Finder uses eBird data to create lists of birds seen in counties and provinces as well as North American hotspots.

How Peterson Birds Works


Compare birds by sight, song, or range all on one screen. No other birding app makes it this easy to compare so many species at once. We even included Roger Tory Peterson's original system of arrows to make it easy for you to see important field marks.


Import your own photos to the species accounts.

Create your own checklists within the app, and import checklists for counties, provinces, and hotspots using Cornell’s authoritative eBird data. Annotate your sightings with personal notes.


Identifying birds is challenging. Using an app shouldn’t be. The Peterson app is so intuitive, it helps you quickly and easily identify birds.

Start with either the Bird Search or the Browse Birds feature. Similar species, maps, and sounds will narrow down the possibilities and confirm your ID.

Search and Browse

The simplified filters of our search engine will show you only the birds you need to make a positive identification. Start with the search screen and use the four drop-down menus to narrow your view by state, month, habitat, or type of bird, or browse birds by categories based on those developed by Roger Tory Peterson.

For example, search for perching birds, in residential areas, in Massachusetts, in May to see what might be at your backyard feeder.

Browse birds and compare similar species together on one screen.


Swipe your finger and browse through screen after screen of illustrations to identify the bird you’ve just spotted, or you can search for a specific species and learn more about it. Tap the icons to hear the bird song or to view the range map.

Record and Share

Checklists let you easily record and share your sightings with friends and colleagues. Build and manage several lists at once and move quickly between them. The app automatically provides location and weather conditions, which you can edit.

Planning for a birding trip? Import a Bird Finder list and have it ready when you go.

About Peterson Field Guides

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