Peterson Guides Bird Finder harnesses the power of eBird to help you ID birds faster

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Birds by County

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From your desktop computer, go to Peterson Bird Finder. Build your checklist using the dropdown menu selections. Once you’ve created your list, download it by clicking on the Peterson icon and save it to your desktop. Attach the checklist to an email and send it to yourself. From your mobile device, open your email, and then open the attachment choosing the option to open in Peterson. The checklist will now reside in your app. THIS PROCESS WILL BE SIMPLIFIED IN A FUTURE UPDATE.
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Ⓙ — Ⓓ = Months January through December, each month divided into four weeks.

▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ = Rare to widespread. Species was observed at this location and week. Size of bar indicates abundance.

▢ = No sightings. Lists have been submitted for this week at this location, but this species was not observed.

░ = Insufficient information. Species has been observed at this location, but at a different time. No lists have been submitted to confirm or deny birds' presence for this specific week.

Your Favorite Places

We've partnered with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and use their online checklist program, eBird, to help you find and identify birds. Now you can download lists of birds right into your Peterson Birds app and create customized lists for your birding adventures.

Bird Finder lists are organized by location and state and include frequency data that indicates how often birds have been recorded at this location. This abundance data is a collection of all sightings submitted to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology eBird database.

Abundance by Week

Abundance information is stored for every month, with four (4) marks roughly corresponding to weeks in the month (see Key on left).

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