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With a brand-new, fresh, and simple design, available for both Apple and Android, the Peterson apps will help you quickly and easily identify birds and mammals.


These easy-to-use and engaging apps for Apple and Android allow you to compare birds or mammals by sight and range on just one screen. No other field guide app makes it this easy to compare males, females, and juveniles from multiple species at once. We even included Roger Tory Peterson's original system of arrows to make it easy for you to see important field marks.


Want to add your photos? Tap to add them to Species Details.

Create your own checklists of the birds and mammals you’ve seen. Just tap on a species name and drag it to your list. Build and manage several lists at once, and move quickly and easily between them. Annotate your sightings.


Identifying birds and mammals is fun, and so is using the app.

Peterson apps help you quickly identify what you are looking at with just a few taps. Use range maps, similar species, and other identifiers to narrow down the possibilities and confirm your ID.

Search and Browse

The simplified filters of our search engine bring you right to the birds and mammals you could be looking at. Start with the search screen and use the four drop-down menus to narrow your view, or browse birds and mammals by categories based on those developed by Roger Tory Peterson.

For example, see how easy it is to search for all the birds in the mountains, in Colorado, in July, and to download a list of those birds before going on a trip.


Swipe your finger and browse through screen after screen of illustrations to identify the bird or mammal you’ve just spotted, or search for a specific species to learn more about it. Icons direct you to bird or mammal range maps and to bird songs. Any way you look at it, our advanced and simplified interface takes the pleasure of finding out about birds and mammals to a whole new level.

Record and Share

Create as many checklists as you’d like. The app provides location and weather conditions, which you can edit.

Share your sightings through e-mail and social media.

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